About Us

Corporate Profile

SCC Food Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.  (SCCFM) is the subsidiary of SCC Holdings Berhad, whom is a public listed company listed in ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

SCCFM was incorporated in 2010 and the primary business is to manufacture, sale, marketing and distribution of our quality, safe, hygienic, innovative, conveniently use and custom-made powdered based food and beverage products for Food and Beverage (F&B) industry customers.

The business started due to customers from foodservice equipment division demand food premixes to help their restaurant business. SCCFM took the initiative to work closely with customers to develop distinctive and profitable recipes that meet their requirements, preferences and satisfactions. Moving forward, the R&D team continues to work with a few reputable F&B chain outlets in Malaysia to assist them in developing a wide range of products.

Our line of products will be continuously expanded, extended and diversified from time to time in order to meet customers’ demand and maintain sustainable growth in our business development. Today, our products have been enjoyed by customers of various age groups.

Our mission ‘To be a successful food manufacturer to produce quality premixes drives us ahead’ has been our endeavor to constantly strive to maintain the value, taste and flavor uniquely. With the continuous investment and facilities improvements, we pledge ourselves to develop and preserve the good quality in our products which are conforming to the strictest requirements and provide excellent value-for-money to our valued customers.

With the strong spirits and good teamwork, SFCCFM has progress rapidly in short span of period managing a widespread distribution networks across the nation, Philippines, Singapore and Brunei.

The followings are some of the premixes that are popular among our customers:

  • Fried Chicken Premix  – Original and Spicy Fried Chicken Mix
  • Flavor Rice Premix – Nasi Lemak, Nasi Ayam and Briyani Rice Mix
  • Sauce Premix – Black Pepper Sauce
  • Instant Beverage Premix – 3 in 1 White Coffee, Chocolate Drink, Milk Tea, 2 in 1 Black Coffee Mix
  • Bakery Premix –Waffle and Baked Donut Mix
  • Marinade Premix- Spicy Fried Chicken Marinade Mix
  • etc//


Our Strengths

1.    In-house R&D Team

Providing a wide range of products is only a part of what we do. Our expertise in research and development, combined with our experience in food manufacturing and trading, we also provide business solutions to assist our clients improve on their business.

In addition to the vast knowledge and experience on food science and technology, customized service such as private consultation from our in-house R&D team is provided to understand about clients’ needs, current issues, overall line process, processing methods and budget. Hence, we are able to assist clients to figure out all the fine details, technical supports and offer insights on emerging food trends and markets to meet their own customer needs and facilitate them to improve on their business.

From time to time, we are offering solutions and developing various new products based on customer needs specifically and overall demand from general public. By using our value-added service on product customization or OEM, clients do not have to develop their food and beverages product from scratch, where time-cost consumption and product quality and consistency is the utmost concern.

With the researches and trials done by our R&D team, clients can use the formulated food premix in an easier way and higher efficiency in their production system is achieved. Standard operating procedure is also provided as a guideline for clients on the applications of the food premixes.

Our team strives to develop new products, improve on existing products and giving better solutions for clients on producing high quality food premixes. We are also committed to offering clients a level of service that complies with international standards, in the aspect of quality assurance of our products, which ensuring all materials are controlled in good quality and procedures are all in place.

2.    Showroom Facilities

SCCFM has a showroom that is complete furnished with the display of variety series of products, open kitchen for presentation and demonstration, and sitting area for discussion. Face to face appointment can be made upon for live demonstration and discussion, so that client can have a big picture on how to use the food premixes into real-live applications and have further in-depth discussion on the products.

With these facilities, we can offer product training to clients so that they can handle the product in the right way and producing the excellent product results similar to the ideal performance done by our R&D team. Therefore, the outcome of product is consistent without huge variations on product quality in terms of appearance, texture, flavor and aroma, from our kitchen to customer kitchen.



3.    One Step Solution

Majority of our products are ready to cook. A delicious meal can be prepared by just adding the food premixes with other essential materials such as oil, rice, chicken parts and etc. This one-step solution is able to shorten the time of preparation, ensuring consistent quality and taste of the meal, reducing the operational cost and dependency of labor, minimal the inventory and storage capacity. Furthermore, our food premixes are easy to use, convenient to bring along and applicable in various cooking methods, which is an ideal solution for commercial user as well as household user.


SCCFM Products are certified Halal by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) since 2011. We believe the certification will benefit the company to expand the businesses in global Halal Food market. The company is moving forward to overseas, especially the Asia Pacific region and Middle Eastern countries that preferred Halal certified products. The company is also in the mid to obtain certification on ISO 22000, GMP and HACCP standards. The purpose that SCCFM goes extra mile of getting all these certification is to help our customers to build confident level among their consumers who are the end-users of our products.

Halal certification of our product are as follows :

  1. Fried Chicken Premix
  2. Flavor Rice Premix
  3. Waffle Premix
  4. Beverage Premix
  5. Sauce Premix