Fried Chicken Premix

Fried Chicken Premix

Original Fried Chicken Premix

Spicy Fried Chicken Premix

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This is a restaurant recipe mix. Fried chicken is one of those welcome foods that can be eaten just about anywhere. Fry up your favorite chicken parts with our Original Fried Chicken Mix. The method of cooking is simple and easy. It’s good and crispy! For spicy taste, use our Spicy Fried Chicken Mix.

Packaging : 2 kg/pack

Quantity (Per Carton) : 6 packs


  1. Drain off the excess water of washed chicken.
  2. Transfer the chicken into fried chicken premix and coat.
  3. The chicken is ready to fry using fryer or deep pan until golden brown. 

    * Setting for fryer: 175°C for 10 minutes.

   * Suitable to coat with prawn, vegetable, mushroom, fish, squid and octopus.